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Bradley Creek Seafood is a specialty
food company based in the coastal city
of Savannah, Georgia. Although a
relatively young company in the
specialty food arena, the people behind
the venture are no strangers to seafood.

In the same fashion that many products
find themselves in the specialty foods
market, ours did as well. Our products
were once nestled amongst other
various menu items in our Whitemarsh
Island based business, Snappers
Seafood Restaurant. Since 1987, our
seafood pastries have always been a
favorite among the locals and tourists
alike. After 15 years of encouragement
from family, friends, and patrons, we
decided to market the pastries, as well
as a couple of other favorites under the
brand name Bradley Creek Seafood.

Ask for Bradley Creek products in the
seafood section of your favorite grocery
store or contact us for ordering

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Crab au Gratin Pastries
Crab au Gratin Pastries
Deviled Crab
Deviled Crab
Crab Cakes
Crab Cakes
Welcome to Bradley Creek
Home made
pastry shells filled
with blue crab...
A unique Southern
blend of crab meat...
Lump crab meat,
savory seasonings...
"Low Country Pastries" as seen
on Mid Morning Live, WTOC